10 Tips to Practice Self-Love & Self-Care

10 Tips to Practice Self-Love & Self-Care

Happy Valentines my gorgeous Pelican lovers

Now just because by the time you read this blog and Valentine’s Day has passed, it does not mean that this whole month and actually the rest of the year in fact shouldn’t be dedicated to you and self-care.

I may sound like a little bit of a scrooge but Valentine’s Day to me has always been (in my eyes) a way for the government to just take your money. You shouldn’t have to have one day a year where you show the person you love how much you care – that energy should always be there.

It is so important that you realise you do not need a partner in order to feel complete or whole. You are already enough on your own. Besides, like RuPaul says ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you going to love somebody else’ AMEN! These are words to live by.

Self-love and body love is very crucial indeed. You are your soulmate at the end of the day, your body is your best friend and your biggest fan even if sometimes you don’t feel that way about it, your body will continue to work hard to keep you alive and do everything in its power to succeed. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend can be nice but it’s not a necessity, it’s an added bonus. It’s like that handbag you so desperately want and keep seeing in the shop window, you do not need it to survive but it feels good to have it. Essentials are things like food, water, your toothbrush and clothes to keep you warm.

Being in a relationship with yourself is so crucial, it’s a full-time commitment. Just like a relationship with somebody else, you will have ups and downs, you will go from hating your body, feeling like you want to separate from it to loving it and feeling like it’s the best thing in the world.  Yup, you are in a relationship of self-love with yourself, and it’s such a beautiful experience because like I said, you are your soul mate at the end of the day. It’s good to take time out sometimes, give your body the attention it deserves.

I have listed some self-love dating your body tips that are good for you to try on those days you dedicate to purely self-love:

  1. Write yourself a love letter – It’s not cringe or weird it’s appreciating your soul and body
  2.  Candles, Mediation, Rose Quartz & Sage – Sage is good for cleansing bad/negative energy and burning that whilst meditating around some rose quartz crystals which promote love & some candles is one of the most relaxing things.
  3.  Hot bath, with your favourite book or music
  4.  Cutting out bad sugar and replacing it with good sugar – don’t get me wrong I drink a coke cola every now and then and enjoy a cream cake like the next person, but I have started making alternatives for my favourite sweet treats, I replace all that bad sugar for natural ingredients, and I feel so much better for it. Remember food is fuel, so you are and feel like what you eat.
  5. Blast your favourite song and dance like nobody is watching – for me that is Pat Benatar Love is a Battlefield
  6. Write your gratitudes, what are you grateful for and why?
  7. Affirmations – breathe these in, stick them on your mirror if you have to, but always say your affirmations whatever they may be to help boost your energy into a positive state and really believe these
  8.  Shower away the bad energy and doubts you feel about yourself – as you shower visualise the bad thoughts and energy washing away down the plughole as you wash your body, really visualise this and believe and watch the change in your energy.
  9. Delete anybody who makes you feel bad about yourself off of social media.
  10. Have a real good work out to make myself feel so good and boost those endorphins

I hope these have helped, of course, we all have our own way of doing things and these were just some of my personal favourite ways to be kind to myself.

Remember, you are beautiful and worthy, and you don’t need to be in a relationship to feel that way. Wait, learn to grow and love yourself and stay single until the right one comes along. By then, you will be so comfortable with being alone you will NOT just settle for anybody, you will respect your boundaries and make sure the one you do settle with really does deserve you.

Sending lots of virtual hugs and kisses

Natalie-Amber x

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