6 Tips to Manage Post-Lockdown Anxiety

Hey my gorgeous people,

Hope you have all been well and were enjoying that heatwave we just had it was amazing, wasn’t it? If like me, you are on the famous Azathioprine then you know how frustrating it is that we can’t stay out in the sunshine for as long as others. I am always sun factor 50.  I have attached some of the photos from the Pretty Little Thing campaign for you to have a nose at.

I wanted to take the time this month to give you some positive advice and tips on how to try and de-stress about everything going back to normal post-lockdown. I know we have been stuck inside for just over a year with our lives feeling like they have been put on hold. In my opinion, I do feel Boris has opened things way too soon and I feel this could set us back just like some other countries but that is out of control, and we have to just take our days one step at a time.

Here are my 6 tips to manage post-lockdown anxiety:

1: It’s okay if you want to continue wearing your mask. I do, I have no worries walking into a shop, supermarket, pub with my mask on because it makes me feel like then I am doing my part. I have seen so many people continuing to wear theirs also.

2: If you do not feel comfortable on public transport if somebody opposite you is not wearing a mask, you have every right to ask kindly if they could put on their mask and if they refuse you have every right to move seats. I was on the train a few weeks back and the carriage was empty, a lady came and out of the whole empty carriage decided to sit opposite me. She had no mask on which she could see really annoyed me as also we are told at the train stations to keep masks on still. She then started yawning to which really got to me as she did not put her hand over her mouth. I simply got up and moved and said to her: ‘I think you’re rude to sit opposite me yawning with no mask on and have plenty of other seats’.

3: If you don’t want to go to that event your friends are all going to, it’s okay to say no. If you feel that it is going to be a little crowded and you are going to feel uncomfortable and anxious the right friends will respect your decision. I get FOMO is a big thing but at the end of the day your health is more important.

4: Try and book more activities that you wouldn’t usually do to try and live your life a little more. My surgeon said to me, I can’t live my life and hide away indoors forever and it is so true. Life is so short. I have now been going for meals with friends, day trips out to a treetop climb place in Wales which was so much fun. Yes, they may be outdoors, but I have felt safer doing that for now and I feel my mental health is getting better as I am doing things.

Ideas of things to do:

  • Treetop climbing
  • Zoo
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Farms
  • Beach litter picking (helps our ocean and fish friends)
  • Outdoors meals
  • Bootcamp (A workout class outside all year round)
  • Camping/glamping

5: Block, delete or mute anyone on social media who posts negatively about the vaccine, Covid and ‘horror’ stories about what could happen if you get vaccinated. Everybody has their own right to decide if they want the vaccine or not. I respect those who don’t want one, but I expect them to respect my decision for having one. I do not like to post about vaccinations on social media as I do think religion and politics should be left undiscussed. I have seen several posts even from friends of mine which have been nothing but negative and making us with the vaccine feel guilty almost for having it. This needs to stop. I am grateful I have had the vaccine as it could potentially save my life if I was to get seriously unwell. I do not think things like that need to be shared. Let everybody do their own research and do what they think is best for them without feeling bad about it. I feel like it can become cult-like.

6: Keep on top of your meditation and reading books and watching positive things on tv. Your mental health in all of this is important, make sure if you feel yourself falling into a bit of a depressive rut again contact your doctor or do something that can bring you back around again.

I hope this has helped and I am here if any of you need me.

Stay safe please and live your life you only have one.

Natalie-Amber x


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