Angelina’s Review: Vitamin E Elements Range

Angelina’s Review: Vitamin E Elements Range

Before finding out about Vitamin E from Pelican Healthcare I suffered with extremely sore skin around my stoma. My skin was extremely itchy 24/7 which left me itching it over my clothes in public (I probably looked really weird). As well as being itchy, I suffered with bleeding from my skin every time I cleaned it. This meant that I had to wait for the bleeding to stop before I placed the bag on again.

I met the lovely Pelican Healthcare team at an event and they introduced me to their Vitamin E range. I was kindly given the Vitamin E Barrier Cream and the Vitamin E Adhesive Remover Spray.

It came in the cutest colourful packaging and it felt like a little present from them to me.

After the event I went home and decided to test them, I used the spray to remove my bag and once I cleaned it I used the cream. The cream was fast drying meaning I didn’t have to wait a while to place my bag on again.

A few days later of religiously using these two products I noticed a massive difference in my skin. The itching and the bleeding completely stopped, which I was really taken aback by at how quick and effective they were. It really helped my skin and my self esteem.

I cannot recommend the Vitamin E range enough, if you suffer from sore skin around your stoma then please give them a try! You will not be disappointed!!

Angelina, Aura Clothing

If you’d like to find out more about our Platinum Vitamin E range, or order a sample, click here.

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