Support the need for greater understanding for people living with a stoma and invisible illnesses

Action Group Calls for Change

A lack of understanding’, ‘a need to educate’, ‘avoid embarrassing situations’; these are just some of the reasons why a group of people living with a stoma have joined forces and are calling for changes to be made within society. Pelican, and our sister company Respond Healthcare, are helping the group get their message out.

Coming together from across South Wales, the action group has called for Wales to lead the way nationally and for Cardiff to become the capital of the UK for understanding the needs of people living with a stoma and more widely invisible illnesses. They also want Local Authorities across Wales to adjust waste collections in recognition of the issues people with a stoma face.

There is a lack of general understanding of the difficulties people living with a stoma face on a daily basis. With this in mind, the group is asking for changes to be made in daily society including, new signage to be used on all public toilets telling people that not all chronic illnesses and health issues can be seen. The campaign is starting in Cardiff, and will hopefully spread across the UK.

Accessible Toilet Signage & Poster

We are proud to have launched our NEW accessible toilet signage in Cardiff in 2021. The signage, which is a broken circle, is designed to be inclusive and supportive of all people living with hidden illnesses.

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    “I have experienced a great deal of misunderstanding and therefore negativity towards me because of my condition. I use the toilet facilities labelled disabled as I need the bigger space and privacy managing my condition requires, but quite often as I leave the toilet, I am verbally abused by people who think I have taken advantage of the facilities and don’t need to be using them” Amber Davies, Builth Wells