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Brenda’s Belly Out Challenge

I thank my lucky stars every day for my stoma because by having it I’ve been able to keep to every single thing large or small that I’ve planned this year and it’s totally changed my life for the better.


So here goes with a little update on my antics this year. First and foremost I’ve completed my belly out photo challenge of 50 different places.


My lovely, patient partner has taken me to every single one of those places and stood with his phone ready to capture the photo while I’ve waited for there to be no spectators watching! I gave up bothering about onlookers after the first few pictures but most of the photos are of me smiling through gritted teeth telling him to hurry up.


One of my favourite photos was at the #getyourbellyout birthday ball where so many members joined me for a belly out photo. That was particularly special. I finished my challenge by having a tiny purple ribbon tattoo on my wrist. I’ve raised over £200 which is amazing that people donated after seeing all my flab lol.


I’m still raising as much awareness as possible and I was recently lucky enough to be featured in CCUK Connect magazine. The magazine Yours also has an article about IBD and our Facebook clothes group in their next issue.


It seems that I did absolutely the right thing though doing my challenge as quickly as possible because unfortunately over the last couple of weeks my energy seems to have drifted away. I’m hoping it’s just a blip so I think a little rest and relaxation might be my next challenge.


Everyone at Pelican Healthcare is really proud of the work Brenda continues to do in raising awareness and money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. If you would like to donate towards Brenda’s challenge then please click here.

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