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Brenda’s Spa Day!

What was I worried about

Two months ago we bought my daughter a voucher for a spa day and of course, I volunteered to go with her.  We’ve had to put off a couple of times, but eventually we found a suitable date and away we went!

I woke up the morning before our spa day in a massive panic, full of doubt as to whether my bag would cope with the heat, water and steam. Would I have a leak? Would the bag come off? Would it be visible to other people?


I was also worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat any of the three-course lunch that was included (and in hindsight maybe I should have asked what this was in advance). But these were just a few of the what ifs that were going through my mind although I was determined to go.


Packing a bag on the morning of the trip was like preparing for a full week holiday! I packed at least six of every item I use when changing my bag including sticky extenders which I don’t usually use but I thought they would give me more confidence.


I didn’t really leave much room for anything else. I also cheated a little by wearing a tankini with a fairly long top and bottoms that actually had a skirt attached so my bag was very well hidden. To be fair, knowing I had everything in case of emergency gave me back a tiny bit of confidence.


To say I was full of trepidation as I put my foot in the pool is an understatement but I did it and then after a swim went into the jacuzzi where I started to feel the panic lifting. I didn’t attempt the sauna or steam room so maybe I’ll take that extra step next time (giving me the perfect reason for another spa day!)

By lunchtime I was feeling reasonably relaxed. I checked everything was still ok, no leak and bag still firmly in place. Extenders had become very sticky but were still holding on. I was halfway through the day and all was looking safe.


At lunchtime I had to opt out of the starter as it was a set menu and the options were Minestrone soup or Caesar salad which were definitely a no-no on a low residue diet.  However, I did find a lovely meal that was perfect for me so another hurdle was crossed.


Back to the pool then the massage chairs and finally stretched out on a lounger where I decided I was staying as all panic had gone and been replaced by total relaxation and confidence


If my daughter had said to me the night before “shall we cancel?” I’d have jumped at the chance but this evening I’m sitting here relaxed with beautiful memories of a lovely day of pampering and chatting.


Today has taught me that we really shouldn’t be frightened of trying new things. Preparing for as many eventualities as possible is important, but get out, have new experiences and enjoy yourself!

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