Carrying on Life as ‘Normal’ After Stoma Surgery

When I was told I needed surgery to have a stoma bag, straight away my feeling was that I would have to stop doing the things that I enjoy. I had so many thoughts running through my mind that I wouldn’t be able to go on holiday, go shopping or go back out on the motorbike with my partner.

stoma life

Preparing for surgery

I had 6 weeks in-between being told I needed my stoma and the surgery date itself. It was only when I started reading other peoples stories on social media whilst I was preparing for surgery, that I saw people with stoma’s were doing all sorts of things including running marathons and even swimming! I was really amazed but still found it hard to believe that I would be able to do everything I wanted to do…

My stoma has given me my life back

stoma life

Roll the time on to now; I am 11 months post surgery, I can hand on heart say that my stoma certainly has NOT held me back at all! I’ve done so much in the last year, that I just wouldn’t have even attempted before due to the symptoms I was suffering with Crohn’s Disease. One of my favourite activities to do is visiting the beach for the day with my partner on his motorbike. Before my surgery, we could never get very far without having to stop for me to use a toilet or being in too much pain. A couple of weeks ago we did a day trip together in the sunshine. The bliss of being able to enjoy and take everything in without planning toilet stops was just incredible!

Having my stoma has really given my life back and I can now actually enjoy the things I love to do! We have booked to go to New Zealand at Christmas to see our family, so who knows what fun activities I’ll be able to get involved with there – watch this space 🌍



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