Platinum with Vitamin E

After 45 years of having a stoma and 35 years of discomfort, Platinum with Vitamin E has really made a difference to 95-year-old Mary.

Despite enjoying a full and active life, Mary always had a feeling of soreness and thought it was all part of having a stoma. She had just put up with the problem which included her skin being dry, crusty and uncomfortable.

That was until she was introduced to Platinum with Vitamin E.

Our nurses realised that the product Mary had been using was the source of the problem, and that changing to Platinum with Vitamin E would improve her comfort.

Within a week Mary’s skin had started to improve and within 4 weeks it had completely healed and no longer experienced any discomfort.

After using Platinum with Vitamin E Mary said ‘my skin has improved after over 35 years of soreness’.

*Case study name changed to protect privacy


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