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I’m back after trailing the latest innovation from Pelican Healthcare the Eakin Freeseal. Primarily, the seal is designed for convex drainable bags. I am currently using just that with the ModaVi and have been looking for a different seal to support my difficult stoma which has been refashioned once, and nothing more can be done for it. It is easily assumed that when you have a stoma it will just allow you to poo into a bag and you can carry on living your life. Unfortunately it doesn’t always go that way, and if you have had previous surgeries or other conditions it can mean a straight forward (if there even is such a thing?!) surgery isn’t possible. Having had multiple surgeries and my first stoma as a baby, having a second at the age of 30 meant scar tissue and carrying a baby causing it to not sit in the right place and started to receed. It was quite a scary thought and honestly gruesome to look at! I wasn’t made aware it was a possibility and had only read about stomas prolapsing, with my sons never having any issues at all either. 

It’s times like this that you may find you need a little something extra to support your prestomal skin from leaks. That’s why I was keen to trial the Freeseal for myself. 

My experience with Eakin Freeseal

What was most surprising to me was how thin the seal is. It’s hard to believe the seal being only 1.8mm would have the impact it claims to, but having trialled it for a few months for me it certainly does. Being so thin I don’t feel it beneath my baseplate. You would think it would feel more bulky around your stoma site but it isn’t at all. It’s so satisfying when you peel it off the skin as it comes away softly and feels quite delicate. There is no fiddling around with the seal, it is not sticky to touch making you paranoid that if you touch it, it won’t work. It is meant be mouldable and take the pressure off cutting things the right size allowing you to take control and mould it to the best fit for your stoma.

The seal’s main functions is to absorb output preventing leaks, before it can penetrate the baseplate and start the dreaded itch. If you know, you know! Changing your bag when you choose to and not when you have to is the aim for all ostomates, and using such a seal allows planned, prepared bag changes with you in control. Having worked with Pelican for a few years now, and previously raved about them for 5 years before that, I have seen for myself the confidence and comfort their products bring. The same can be said for the Freeseal. As with the Vitamin E products, the ModaVi and the REFRESH spray from Pelican’s sister company, Respond., it brings a more gentle approach to stoma care and de medicalises the process. 

Make sure to head to samples and request yours today. The packaging also scores point for me, I’m a sucker for a nicely packaged product and the aesthetics of Pelicans at the moment is gorgeous!

Until next time, Rach @gutsy.mum x

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