Empowering Women & Body Confidence Shoots

Hey my gorgeous friends,

I hope you have been well since we last spoke and have been more organised than myself at starting the Christmas shopping? It’s one of those things that tend to stress me out and then when it’s all over you find yourself living off beans and toast for the next few months. I do think however the older we get the more we appreciate and get excited over the simple presents, this is adult life.

Photoshoot with Jenny

I wanted to use this month’s blog to talk about a beautiful lady called Jenny who won my Instagram giveaway competition last year. Jenny won the giveaway and because of lockdown, we had to wait until recently to shoot. Jenny before my shoot had never had a professional shoot done and so was very nervous. She travelled to Swindon from Blackpool ready for a day full of fun. Make up by Pearl, photography by Emily, and then creative direction from myself. When it came to Jenny picking out her outfits for the shoot, I suggested for her to look at green colours because with her pale complexion and ginger hair it would look stunning. I was right, she looked beautiful!

Jenny also had some photos showing her stoma bag in lingerie, again another thing she was nervous to do but she did such an amazing job! She was a little stiff to start with but within minutes after we put some empowerment songs on and helped her relax there was seriously no stopping her. She took everything we said on board and was open to trying anything we suggested.  I am so proud of her because she did something she did not think she could.

Empowering women

I throw my body confidence shoots because I want to help empower other women and men and make them realise how worthy they are and how beautiful they are inside and out. I do them to help them gain a little more confidence within themselves. Sometimes, pushing somebody out of their comfort zone is the nudge they need. I enjoy every single minute of it and helping others. I think it’s so important that my shoots remain a safe place and models know they have nothing to worry about.  You can laugh, you can cry – we are there to support and encourage you.

Jenny went home feeling amazing and wanted to do it all over. I have put some photos of the shoot in this blog. I will be throwing more body shoots next year and hopefully a day workshop alongside it which will include a whole range of things. Stay tuned and follow @selfloveebynatalieamber and my personal Instagram page to keep up to date when the next ones will be.

I will leave you all on this note to enjoy your Christmas shopping if you haven’t yet started it and I shall speak to you next month all about a special project I am working on with one of my model agencies – Zebedee.

Lots of Love

Natalie-Amber x


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