Dream Wedding Dress with an Ostomy: Part 1

Dream Wedding Dress with an Ostomy: Part 1

Out of the blue my Panda proposed to me and it’s official we are getting married next year, roll on the 27th of June 2020. It is full wedding mode this end and we are seeing the Vicar on the 5th of August. This man of mine has been through the mill and has seen me through two life changing surgeries alongside some family issues and a house sale. Planning the wedding is easy, looking for a dress is filling me with dread.

Looking for the holy grail

Looking for a wedding dress is hard by any female standards; you have this idea in your head of what the dress is meant to look like, what you want to look like and it’s a one of a kind dress. It is to be worn for the entire day when you make a life change and commit to that certain someone and adopt a new name and another family to make your life complete.

My mum bless her heart is sending me photos of dresses and confirming where to book and where to go and try these on. For me I am hesitant in the fact that a white, ivory or cream dress could potentially catch the onslaught of a stoma empty during the day and I can’t expect my maid of honour to withstand the onslaught of myself eating things I shouldn’t have and then hold my dress up to empty the bag. But then there is the what if my bag leaks on that day? Sods law it would or may happen and now I am sat here thinking the idea of what I actually want to the idea of what is more convenient is laying heavily on my mind.

What I want

I always imagined having a corset dress with a big bottom that would put the loo roll dollies to shame. In theory the dress would look amazing but in reality when I have the underskirts underneath it is just not going to be practical in my life as an ostomate. My sister in law did suggest that I get one of those big blue ikea bags to help hold up the dress in those moments but reams of taffeta and silk in my face is going to hinder me being able to see clearly and empty my bag. However this idea for being able to pee sounds great.

Vintage style I am going for

What has been suggested

It has been suggested that I go for a new vintage dress that’s more like a tea party dress and shorter which means I wouldn’t have as much as an issue with the emptying of one’s stoma bag. The dresses I have seen look divine but also have a rather hefty price tag attached to them.


I am asking for all those brides who got their dream dress with an ostomy to give me some tips and advice. Did you go for practical? Did you go for it’s my day, my dream dress and everything went extremely well? This will be my one and only time of getting married and want a wow dress that reflects me as a person and not what everyone wants me to be stuck in.

I am going to be trying dresses on in September and just looking for some advice from all you lovely ladies.

As always

Many thanks for reading

Louise X

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