Michael’s Story & Review

Michael’s story & review

Michael Durban is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker who is about to graduate from Falmouth University in Cornwall. Michael comes from a photography background and has recently shifted his passion towards directing documentaries. Michael is an individual who can work within various roles of television production and is currently focusing on cinematography and directing. Michael’s latest project called ‘My Bag and I’ has generated support from all around the UK and abroad and is due for release this coming June. Michael is a natural born storyteller whose passion is to share stories of those who are full of wisdom and experiences.

Michael Durban

Originally, Michael had temporary stoma surgery in 2014 and had a proctectomy in 2017, due to his Crohn’s disease. Michael has not let his stoma stop him from following his passions of surfing, snowboarding and becoming a successful documentary filmmaker. Through the creation of his latest documentary, Michael is trying to spread awareness for those who have stomas. He is also aiming to make a difference by instilling a sense of hope within those who are awaiting surgery, while at the same time breaking down the stigmas associated with having a stoma.

Michael Durban

Michael Durban’s Sample Review

Stoma type: Colostomy

I have had a stoma for: 4-5 years

Stoma Size: 35mm

Product Review:

Barrier Film Wipes with Vitamin E: I really enjoyed using this product and I still am. The design for the product is appealing and works really well. The wipe itself is large enough to only need to use one wipe during a bag change, which is great, as it saves time when you are in a hurry. My skin has been appreciating the Vitamin E without a doubt, as the skin around my stoma site has honestly never looked better.

Adhesive Remover Wipes with Vitamin E: I had never used an adhesive remover wipe prior to this sample and I am happy that I am now aware of this product, as I use it daily. The wipe itself feels good on the skin and my skin is now looking less red around the stoma site. I only need to use one of these wipes during my bag change, which makes it appealing to use over other products.

Platinum with Vitamin E Barrier Film Spray: This spray did an amazing job in creating a layer over my skin, which kept the stoma bag firmly attached. I did not experience any leaking during any casual running along the beach or whilst surfing, which says a lot about this product. The spray itself is also not as loud as other products, which makes it more appealing to use in public bathrooms. I was very happy with this product!

Platinum with Vitamin E Adhesive Remover Spray: Once again, I have no complaints about this product! It is a lot more discreet than other products I have used, and my skin is a lot less red when removing my colostomy bag after using this product, compared to other ostomy products. I would like to definitely switch over to use this remover spray on a daily basis.

Pelican Platinum with Vitamin E Colostomy/Ileostomy bag (Drainable): I used this product in a number of situations, such as daily lounging around the house, working on a television set/studio whilst directing talent and crew, surfing in Cornwall and casual running at the beach. I did not experience any leaking or signs of creasing, which was a great sign of the bag’s durability. The material of the bag itself is barely noticeable and is quite comfy. I appreciated the fact that the material covering the bag’s contents is not sealed at the bottom of the bag, which allows water to drain through without collecting water (such as while surfing or showering), which is a massive plus! I have noticed my skin around the stoma site has vastly improved – more specifically, it is a lot less red.

I did, however, experience a lot of ballooning using this bag. It came down to the bag’s interior design where it does not currently have a plastic barrier covering the filter. The filter itself became blocked without this interior protection. However, the placement of the filter itself is a lot better than that of other bags. The next issue I experienced with this product (which I admit is personal), is the fact that the bag’s contents are visible at the bottom of the bag. I had never used a bag with the current seal (at the bottom of the vent), so it took some getting used to. The seal works really well with the Velcro and I was at peace with it remaining sealed at all times. Other than that, the bag itself functioned as it should. It felt good to wear and did not concern me regarding leakage whilst wearing it, which is my main concern when wearing ostomy products.

Flange Extenders: I loved this product! It did take some getting used to applying initially, as it is a lot thinner than other ostomy product flanges. However, it stuck to my skin a lot better than other products, which gives me peace of mind, especially whilst working on set dealing with production crews and talent.

Michael Durban

M. Durban

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