Moving Stress and Checklist

Moving Stress and Checklist

I moved in August and all I can say is that it was slightly stressful and with it being nearly the end of November, I feel like I have finally recovered both mentally and physically from the mother of all moves. 

Having a stoma means there are things we need to get sorted in the process of moving. 

What did I have to sort out? 

I had to compile a checklist as numerous things needed to be sorted prior:

  • Change address with my numerous consultants at hospital
  • Change address with my stoma delivery company
  • Contact the patient allocation team to force a move between old GP and a new one as all surgeries full
  • Check I had enough stoma supplies
  • Pack my stoma supplies
  • Update my driving license
  • Please my case with old GP to stay on their books until I had moved GP
  • Switching utility companies
  • Updating insurance details
  • Tv license

The stress of moving and packing up my stoma supplies got rather amusing at one point and finding boxes of stoma bags in some really random places made me realise I had been hoarding supplies and that made me angry at myself as NHS resources are stretched as it is. 

How am I faring? 

All in all, I am now settled and happy in my new home. Moving to a ground floor property with no stairs has been amazing. I have started a new job which I find incredibly rewarding. I’m also still keeping you updated with my blog posts. 

My main issue is the current lack of WIFI. Both myself and my partner are incredibly organised, and we prepared for our move. Turns out the couple who moved out haven’t paid their bill and we are now waiting to have a new phone line installed so we can have internet as the old company have refused a line take over due to the amount owed. So that has been frustrating so I am currently abusing my mum’s internet and house so I can get these posts written up. 

As always 

Many thanks for reading 

Louise X

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