My emergency stoma kit

My emergency stoma kit

In the early days of stoma formation, carrying an emergency kit with you is an essential part of stoma life, until you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your stoma is going to behave.

Gone are the days of carrying mass clothing due to incontinence issues, thanks to my stoma formation. Yes, even now nearly two years into stoma formation, I carry a supply kit with me, at all times, as it is like a comfort blanket should the worst happen.

Things that help to limit the damage a leaking baseplate can cause during the day, are things like support belts, ostomy underwear or an extra layer under your usual clothing. Little pots of travel detergent are a life saver for washing out any clothes that have caught the leak whilst at work or on the move. The aim of the emergency kit is to limit the impact it has on your daily life. Keeping one of these in your desk, or even in the car, means it is close at hand should you need to break out the kit.

I also carry a radar key with me, as I find disabled toilets are friendlier and usually a lot cleaner and sanitary than your usual public toilets. They also have more space, so you aren’t trying to change a bag and clothing in a cubicle where space is limited.

What do you carry in your emergency kit? Do you have an emergency kit?

Here is what I carry in mine:

  1. 3 x Pelican with Vitamin E Drainable stoma bags
  2. 1 x Pre-cut template
  3. 1 x pack of sterilised wet wipes
  4. 8 x dry wipes
  5. 3 x Eakin cohesive slim barrier rings
  6. 1 x Pelican Release with Vitamin E adhesive remover
  7. 1 x Bottle of Pelican Deo-Mint
  8. 3 x Disposable nappy sacks
  9. 1 x Astoa barrier cream (Respond product)
  10. 1 x Pair of curved nail scissors to cut base plate to size
  11. 1 x Ball point pen
  12. 1 x bed pad/conti sheet to protect clothing or sanitise where you are sitting to change pouch

I would also suggest carrying spare clothes such as underwear, t-shirt and jeans just in case a leak breaches the clothing.        

For you wishing to know where I get my supplies such as the bed sheets or wet wipes then please comment, and I will endeavour to answer your questions.

Many thanks for reading,

Louise X

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