NEW Pelican ModaVi

Shape matters – and Pelican ModaVi is both iconic and elegant.

You told us that size and shape were important to you, so we’ve designed our new pouches with your needs in mind.

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Style Meets Comfort

Practical, comfortable, and stylish, Pelican ModaVi ticks all of your boxes.

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Discover our range of colostomy products…

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Find out more about our range of ileostomy products…

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Discover our range of Urostomy products…

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Vitamin E Elements

Feel the Difference. Explore our range of Elements products – now infused with 1% Vitamin E.

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The shape of comfort. We care that every body and every stoma is different. View our range of convex adhesive baseplates…

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What is Vitamin E?

Platinum 1 Piece pouches are inflused with 1% Vitamin E. Find out everything you need to know about this wonder vitamin here…

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Order Samples

Visit our sample portal – simply
select & order multiple
complimentary samples to try…

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