Convexity – the shape of comfort

Sometimes a flat flange doesn’t provide you with enough support around your stoma, which can lead to leaks and sore skin. That’s why we developed our Convex range, to provide you with extra support and security where you need it most.

The Original – Soft Convex

Did you know Pelican were the first to bring a soft convex product to market?

Our Soft Convex offers a perfect fit for those with a relatively flush or retracted stoma. Providing you with gentle support around the stoma.

The 6-contour foam-backed flange provides greater comfort and flexibility, conforming to any body shape – even over hernias. Excellent initial tack ensures total security and confidence, so you can get on with life, worry free.

Soft meets Firm – Firm Convex

Our innovative Firm Convex has been specially designed for those with more challenging stomas – especially if they are flat or retracted. The flange gives you firm yet comfortable pressure, thanks to its foam backing. This ensures a secure fit that brings out your stoma, prevents leaks and helps you feel confident every day.

Utilising the same 6 contour technology as the Soft Convex, the Firm Convex provides increased flexibility and security by conforming to all body shapes – even over hernias.


“I found these pouches so comfortable and easy to use. They seemed to be more discreet than my current pouches.”

Users rated our Soft Convex 90% – Comfort / 85% – Security Excellent or Good.

“7 clean nights since using Firm Convex. Best pouches I have tried in almost a year.”

Trialists who were currently using a Firm Convex rated ours

90% – Flexibility / 72% – Security Excellent or Good

Skin nourishing benefits 

Infused with 1% Vitamin E, our Platinum pouches has been specially designed to not only look after your general stoma care, but the healthy skin surrounding it.

Our Platinum with Vitamin E closed colostomy pouch is designed to provide security, flexibility and comfort, as well as skin nourishment, to help prevent you from developing peristomal skin issues.

Our range is also available in closed, drainable, urostomy, and high output. The entire range is also available in Soft and Firm convex for those who need a deeper base plate.

Watch the video to see how Vitamin E is absorbed into your skin:

*All statistics, case studies, quotations are based on real world user and/or HCP experiences of using the product as part of an overall stoma care regime. The evaluation did not constitute a randomised or controlled study.
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