Platinum with Vitamin E Drainable Pouches

The new Pelican Platinum with Vitamin E range

We have made an exciting change to our range of Platinum pouches that not only looks after your general stoma care, but also the healthy skin surrounding it. The hydrocolloid on our new Platinum with Vitamin E range of pouches contains this one new ingredient which gives you four areas of enhanced performance resulting in real benefits that last. Check out our case studies below.

Our new range is available in closed, drainable, urostomy, and high output. The entire range is also available in convex for those who need a deeper base plate.

There are four areas of enhanced performance.

Faster Healing

“Had an area at the edge of the adhesive that finally healed”


“Felt more confident and comfortable and didn’t irritate skin when playing rugby”

Kinder to Skin

“My skin was red and some broken when I used the Vitamin E pouch the skin began to return to normal”


“My skin felt nourished, soft and less irritated”

Product codes

*All statistics, case studies, quotations are based on real world user and/or HCP experiences of using the product as part of an overall stoma care regime. The evaluation did not constitute a randomised or controlled study.
All data is held on file by Pelican Healthcare.

A complimentary sample of this product is available.


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