Platinum 2 Piece Closed

The unique and distinct features of the Platinum 2 Piece supports all types of lifestyles and user needs.

Whether you have an active lifestyle, a busy job or enjoy sports, are pregnant or looking after children; are a carer or being cared for, have poor dexterity or vision; generally have poor health or want to reduce the number of bag changes and the skin stripping this can cause.

Platinum 2 Piece gives greater Security, Flexibility, Comfort and quicker bag changes.

Added Security
Secure coupling, sealed with an audible ‘CLICK’ giving complete confidence that the pouch is secure.

Greater Speed & Ease
Pop-up flange relieves downward pressure on the abdomen and allows for a much quicker and easier pouch change.

Flexibility and Comfort

6-fluted flange adapts to any body shape and is particularly useful over hernias.

Product codes

A complimentary sample of this product is available.


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