Platinum Contour Closed Pouches

Introducing Platinum Closed and Contour Closed pouches. The Platinum range is all about comfort, security and flexibility, so you can feel free to move in your second skin.

  • Foam backed skin protector – Both Platinum Closed, and Platinum Contour Closed pouches features our soft soft skin protector, giving you flexibility whilst maintaining superb adhesion. The advanced hydrocolloid adheres to the skin and continues to improve, providing security and peace of mind.
  • Contoured skin protector – The Contour Closed pouch has a revolutionary skin protector featuring six flutes, designed to conform to your natural body shape, allowing for truly bespoke and comfortable fit. This is an ideal feature if you have any lumps, bumps or hernias.
  • Advanced filter system – The high-performance waterproof filter provides controlled airflow, which minimises the risks of ballooning and pancaking. It also contains a very effective deodoriser.
  • Soft and breathable fabric – Your skin is able to breathe through our strong and durable non-woven fabric. The reinforced split-fabric backing that allows for easier and more accurate positioning of the pouch.

Please click here to download a copy of the technical datasheet for Pelican Platinum Contour pouches.

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