Platinum with Vitamin E Contour Firm Convex High Output Pouch

Skin nourishing benefits

Infused with 1% Vitamin E, our Platinum with Vitamin E pouches have been specially designed to not only look after your general stoma care, but the healthy skin surrounding it.

Our Platinum with Vitamin E convex high output pouch is designed for stomas that have a high-level output that may need additional support, with an integrated drainable bung at the bottom of the pouch that can accommodate extra bag capacity. Our pouches work to provide security, flexibility and comfort, as well as skin nourishment, to help prevent you from developing peristomal skin issues.

Our new Firm Convex

With the newest addition to the Platinum with Vitamin E family, our convex bags are now available in Firm Convex, designed for people with challenging stomas. The baseplate gives you firm yet comfortable pressure, thanks to its foam backing. This ensures a secure fit that brings out your stoma, prevents leaks and helps you feel confident every day.

The range is available in closed, drainable, urostomy, and high output. The entire range is also available in Soft and Firm convex for those who need a deeper base plate.”

Key features

  • 6 contoured edges
  • Coloured measuring guide and thumb tab
  • Drainable pouch with a soft bung
  • Non-return valve to reduce risk of infection
  • Split fabric backing for ease of use and filter access

The benefits of Vitamin E

  • To help nourish the delicate skin around the stoma
  • Can help minimize skin irritation
  • Maintain and promote healthy peristomal skin

All convex pouches should only be used after consulting your stoma care nurse.

A complimentary sample of this product is available.