Select Convex Urostomy Pouches

Specifically designed for flush or retracted stomas, or where the stoma is located in skin folds*

Unlike many traditional rigid convexity products which can be uncomfortable to wear, Pelican Select Convex is flexible, designed for maximum comfort and security. Select Convex is highly effective against leakage which is know to cause sore skin.

All the benefits of the Select Urostomy pouch, plus;

  • Flexible Bung – Select Convex Urostomy provides you with an extremely soft and flexible bung ensuring maximum comfort whilst wearing and, by simply squeezing the bung, the ability to control flow on emptying. The outlet provides the ultimate in security whilst remaining simple and easy to open and close, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident at all times.
  • Belt Loops – Select Convex Urostomy has a soft and secure skin protector, with an additional flexible foam backing for added comfort and conformity. Attached belt loops are extremely soft and flexible for those who prefer the option of wearing a belt for extra security
  • Connection – Select Convex Urostomy enables a secure connection to the Pelican 2-Litre Night Drainage Bag without the need for an additional adaptor
  • Shape – Select Convex Urostomy has a comfortable and advanced pouch shape incorporating a comfort backing behind the bung to ensure added comfort.
  • Fabric – Select Convex Urostomy has a silky soft fabric for comfort and discretion. The split fabric backing allows you to see your stoma through the clear medical film, making accurate positioning much easier. At other times the fabric discreetly hides the stoma
  • Apertures – Select Convex Urostomy is available in cut-to-fit and an extensive range of pre-cut sizes ensuring a snug fit
  • Pouch Sizes – Available in four sizes: Mini, Standard, Maxi and Paediatric.

Please click here to download a copy of the technical datasheet for Select Convex Urostomy pouches.

A complimentary sample of this product is available.

All convex pouches should only be used after consulting your stoma care nurse.


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