Vitamin E Elements

Platinum with Vitamin E Elements range has been designed to not only look after your general stoma care but also the healthy skin surrounding it. Platinum with Vitamin E Elements range containing 1% Vitamin E, gives you four areas of enhanced performance resulting in real benefits that last:

1. Moisturising (1)

2. Replenishing (2) 

3. Soothing (3)

4. Kind to skin (4)

Our range includes Barrier Cream, Barrier Film Spray, Adhesive Remover Spray and Adhesive Remover Wipes.

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The benefits of Vitamin E

  • Promote healthy peristomal skin
  • It may help to improve skin condition*
  • It helps to moisturise and nourish the delicate skin around your stoma *
  • It may help to reduce sore and irritated skin caused by the application and removal of a pouch*
  • It may help to improve overall comfort level of the adhesive baseplate*

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*All Statistics, case studies, quotations are based on real world user and/or HCP experiences of using the product as part of an overall stoma care regime. The evaluation did not constitute a randomised or controlled study. All data is held on file by Pelican Healthcare.