Younger Ostomates

Finding out that your child needs ostomy surgery can be a difficult time. Your child will have to undergo surgical procedures, and this can be tough for families to deal with. It’s important to remember that your child is having surgery for the right reasons.

The Pelican Paediatric and Neonatal range offers an extensive range of pouches specifically designed for children.

The Select Afresh Paediatric and Neonatal range ultra-thin adhesive baseplate moulds to the body to provide a safe and secure fit, whilst remaining kind and gentle to the skin due to its hypo-allergenic properties.

The Select Convex Paediatric range provides additional security by moulding comfortably to the body contours and providing a snug fit around the stoma to reduce the risk of leakage. Specifically designed for flush or retracted stomas, Select Convex is designed to minimise leakage and aid prevention of sore skin.

All products in the Pelican Paediatric and Neonatal range use a non-woven fabric, designed to feel soft and breathable against the skin without compromising on strength and durability. Available in a choice of plain or teddy print fabric.

The split-fabric backing on the clear version allows visibility of the stoma through the clear medical film, which makes accurate positioning much easier when applying the pouch.

Available in Closed*, Drainable and Urostomy.

*convex paediatric only