Summer Styling as a Woman With a Stoma

Summer Styling as a Woman With a Stoma

Whether a well-rehearsed “ostomate” or if you’re new to the stoma world, fashion can definitely be one of those daunting things, especially in Summer. You may worry that fewer clothes might mean that your stoma bag is more noticeable & feel a lot of fashion anxiety. Worries about such things with a stoma at any point are understandable & normal but, fear not, I am going to share with you some Summer stoma style tips below!

1.Good stoma support wear is the key!

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you’ll know that one of the fashion tips I always swear by is good supportwear. In Summer, it can be easier to feel hot & sweaty but waistbands such as those from Comfizz help me to feel fresh, like my skin can breathe & that my stoma bag is well supported. I do get more “underbag” sweat in summer around the top of my knicker line on the right hand side, but thankfully it’s never to an extent that interferes with the adhesive.

If you don’t want to wear specialised stoma supportwear, I often wear high waisted knickers instead such as these from Boux Avenue (pictured above).

Supportwear is key for me with my outfits as it helps to smooth out bag bulges from output and wind, as well as the bag being secure and not flapping about and creasing under my clothes as I go about my day.

2.Tea dresses

I absolutely love a tea dress! I’ve just ordered a few off Missguided (like the ones off their website below) for Summer and I’m already so excited for warmer weather. They make me feel so pretty and give me peace of mind that my stoma bag will be kept discreet, especially on those more active, watery output days!

Whether it’s a plain or patterned tea dress, there is such a vast range to choose from to twin with a pair of high-top Converse and a cute little over the shoulder bag, or some sandals or ballet pumps. The possibilities are endless!

3.High waisted shorts & skirts

On my recent online shopping spree, I treated myself to a gathered denim high waisted skirt for Summer here. High waisted garments are such a confidence booster for me with my stoma bag & a “must have” piece in my wardrobe (pieces… I have so many!) I also love the different styles of high waisted jeans that are out there such as skinny or mom jeans.

Floaty high waisted maxi skirts are a favourite of mine too!

H & M do some gorgeous, floaty, floral high-waisted shorts that are super lightweight & breathable. I love wearing shorts that aren’t denim sometimes when I want to feel a bit less restricted. They’re great for those bloated days!

I also have a few maxi skirts in my wardrobe from H & M which are black and navy with yellow and blue floral designs. They’re so easy to wear & very easy when emptying your bag. Some of them even have really simple button fastenings with a ribbon so you can simply undo them when using the toilet.

4.Jeans & a nice top

Aura clothing jeans and swimwear make up a good part of my wardrobe. The jeans are designed with ostomates/those who have had abdominal surgery in mind and are such good quality. My stoma bag feels super supported in them & I feel really good wearing their jeans either dressed down or with a nice top. You can pre-order their jeggings also.

The Aura swimsuits/bikini tops can also be paired with jeans and some heeled sandals for a beach day to evening meal transition on holiday (we can dream – for now!)

5.Using a light material shirt for extra confidence/just incase

If I’m having a bad day stoma anxiety wise or wearing clothing that is tighter and my bag goes into overdrive, it’s not always possible to get to a toilet or empty it. Having a lightweight shirt or cardigan wrapped around my waist or in my handbag gives me extra security as I know it can be put over my clothes to help keep a filling stoma bag under wraps until I can empty!

Want to find some more outfit inspo/tips? Head over to my Instagram.

Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed for increasingly more sunshine! Sunshine works wonders for my mental state & general wellbeing. Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you have a stoma.

Lots of love from Amy & Stacey Stoma x x






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