The Benefits of a Quiet Christmas

The Benefits of a Quiet Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, a normal Christmas is out of the ordinary this year.

For those of us with children, co-parenting and juggling is always a balancing act. I can not actually remember the last time I had a “ Christmas at home”. When I first had Maisie we had two quiet years and then boom, we were here, there and everywhere.

Being chronically ill and stressed over the festive period is par the course and that one day needs a further 7 days to recover from the tiredness and fatigue.

Will a quiet Christmas be as enjoyable?

I always remember growing up as a kid that we 9/10 times spent Christmas at home, there is one time I remember we went to our nans for the big day, my rather religious Uncle took umbridge after my brothers declared that Jesus wore hover boots to walk on water. Suffice to say we never had another Christmas dinner with Uncle Peter.

Or the one time I allowed my daughters father persuade me that Christmas dinner at a hotel was the better option, no clean up, no cooking, no mess, bahahahaha, I lost Maisie in the Christmas tree, trying to walk my then drunk ex-mother in-law home the half-hour walk is something that will be fondly remembered as wellie gate after she fell over and lost a wellie boot.

I am in no means antisocial but I believe that Christmas is about family and spending time together but at the same time sitting in one’s own house, eating one’s body weight in quality street and pigs in blankets sounds more idyllic than driving here, there and everywhere to each gathering.

I think that children should get to enjoy their presents, it’s a parents right of passage to earn a degree in the toy of the year put together and earning a masters degree in My Little Pony castles or putting that shiny new bike together. Alas my daughter is now 11 and we have one Christmas with us and one with her dad. This year we are having a second Christmas once she’s back home, so I don’t always feel like feigning happiness when I am missing her like crazy.

This year it shall just be myself and Ben at home. After a dash to get in our Christmas day food we aren’t leaving the house apart from walking our little furry four-legged friend Sammy.

Current Covid rules regarding Christmas

Christmas bubbles have been limited to 1 day, this is only for those in tiers 1,2 & 3, those in tier 4 unless you’re a single parent with a support bubble there is to be no mixing of households, Christmas will be spent at home. If you’re in tier 4, travel is not allowed, you can’t cross-tier boundaries.

For those in Tier 1-3

A Christmas bubble will be able to spend time together in private homes, to attend places of worship, or meet in a public outdoor place.

It also states that you shouldn’t be hugging or kissing within the bubble.

In all other settings, people should follow local restrictions depending on the tier.

If you do not form a Christmas bubble, you should continue to follow the guidelines for the tier in your area.

The rules state that you can only travel to your bubble (Christmas) and travel back. It has been recommended that you limit your stops, wash and sanitize hands frequently.

All in all, I think this year is going to be surreal, no parties, fewer hangovers, and lack of festivities. I think this is only one Christmas out of many where you can get together and have the massive family Christmas one is normally used to.

I for one am looking forward to a leisurely Christmas day lay in, not having to get dressed up or wear makeup, Christmas Dinner in my PJs, a long dog walk followed by watching Gavin and Stacey reruns.

I am hoping you all have a lovely Christmas and remember this is only one Christmas that will be different, there will be many more.

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Covid-19 Guidelines for the Christmas Period: 




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