The Summer Stoma Accessory: Deo-Mint Deodorant 

The Summer Stoma Accessory: Deo-Mint Deodorant 

You have had stoma surgery, you are recovering, yet no one warned you about that smell. Post-op recovery and you’re wondering how on earth you are ever going to get over that smell! Don’t panic and please don’t fret, the smell (that smell) does dissipate. Once you start eating and your output regulates then that smell does too. 

Stoma smells

Once out of hospital and back home we may face a challenge. That challenge being how to cope and manage the smells that our stomas occasionally produce. You may be panicking and thinking my God even Satan would steer clear of the bathroom once you have vacated. 

Are you worried about being able to go out and about? Are you limiting food choices due to that smell? 

For most of us, that smell is usually the worst. The first-morning bag empty. Our stomas have been having a party and purging during your sleeping hours along with dispelling some serious wind. The first bag empty is always the worst. How do you neutralise that smell? Is it a case of sounding the klaxon and sending out a fair warning to stay away? Or do you use an ostomy deodorizer to help spare your blushes? 

For me, my output in general does not have an overly pungent odour. Mine is typically borderline OMG with the types of food that I eat. I eat a varied diet and my love for chilli, any kind of seafood and garlic has an effect on what comes out. 

Air fresheners, burning a match or opening a window does not help FYI. Air fresheners exacerbate the smell and only just mask it. 

If you want to avoid the embarrassment of explaining those who are more vocal about smells then a discreet deodorizer will help.

Pelican Deo-Mint Deodorant 

Deo-Mint Deodorant is an essential part of my routine. I take this little bottle everywhere with me. It fits into the smallest of evening bags or can be shoved into a pocket. I can’t fault it. It eliminates odours both in and outside of your bag, it leaves behind a discreet minty smell. It neutralises the worst of smells, if you’re anything like me and like garlic and seafood then you know the repercussions of that coming back out. This product can also be used in urostomy pouches as well. 

I use this at family gatherings; nothing worse than a house full of 20 people and only 2 bathrooms, once the alcohol gets flowing then that bathroom is like a turnstile. It has spared me many blushes. 

Airplane toilets this has saved me, locked up in a caravan with a box for a toilet? This stuff has literally saved the family the permeating morning empty.

This has also helped my sister in law. My brother is stubborn; he won’t go to the doctors and he suffers badly with wind, so she chases him around the house with this much to his dismay. 

For those of you who wish to try this or purchase, please click here.

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