Top 3 Tips to Feel Confident In Your Body This Summer

Top 3 Tips to Feel Confident In Your Body This Summer

Hey, my gorgeous Pelican lovers,

Summer is fast approaching, and we are starting to see more and more women post pictures in their bikinis online and,  I just want to give you that reminder that your body is also bikini worthy.

I really dislike the fact that society has taught us to think that a bikini body is ample sized boobs, flat belly and a good-sized booty. Well, I really want to say a big ‘F’ you to beauty standards because they are far from acceptable. A bikini body comes in all shapes and sizes, and all are worthy and just as sexy.

I want to share with you three simple tips on how to feel confident in a bikini:

  1. Remember: You’re already a bikini body, do not compare yourself to others on social media, remember social media is a place where people are in control of what they decide to post and what they want you to see. The quicker you remember that the better you will feel in a bikini/swimsuit. The female body is beautiful and a work of art and we should appreciate that not all art is the same and that’s what makes them one of a kind and priceless. YOU are the art.


  1. Don’t care about what others think it is none of their business: Seriously, what is it to others what you wear and why should you care? If you like it wear it. We spend too much of our time worrying and putting things back or not going to places in worry of what others will think. That needs to stop. You are in control of your own life and when you care about the opinions of others, they are controlling your life and rent free at that. You have one life, don’t look back to regret all those times you held yourself back doing things because you worried about what other people would say.


  1. Pick your favourite bikini or swimsuit, put it on and SMILE: There are so many beautiful bikini/swimsuits sets out there sometimes we are spoilt for choice. Pick one that you feel most comfortable in and that makes you feel like the queen you already are, and the rest will come. One of my favourite swimwear sites is ‘‘In ‘A’ Sea Shell’ which I am an Ecom Model for. Not only is this brand very diverse with their choices of models to represent their brand, they have put in hard work to make bikinis that look flattering on all bodies. The colours are divine and honestly you will be stuck for choice. I have attached the link to their site – happy buying.

Honestly ladies, I cannot stress how you are enough, and I know it’s easier said than done when it comes to preaching about loving your bodies, but I promise you, once you realise your body is your home, your soulmate, the biggest rider on your team it will be the best feeling.

I always say we should love and treat our bodies like we do our pets, we think our pets are the best things in the world, so we need to keep that energy when it comes to loving our bodies. If you feel a bit insecure looking at certain posts of women on social media, don’t feel toxic for feeling that way you’re only human and you are allowed to feel, that’s part of your self-love journey. If you feel for the time being whilst you’re learning to love your body, you need to unfollow accounts that make you hate it then that is fine don’t feel guilty about it  – you have done the right thing and put your mental health first. GROWTH.

I hope I have been able to help you feel a little better with my advice on bikini bodies. I have recently had the honour of filming an amazing video with ‘In ‘A’ Sea Shell’ for their second season collection- click the link here to watch. I hope you enjoy it; it really is powerful, and I was so honoured and grateful to be able to represent my fellow IBD sufferers and people with scars and stomas.

Remember you are worthy; apply your sunscreen because you are a bikini body.



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