Vitamin E skincare

Is Vitamin E the new fashion accessory for skincare?

After seeing the improvements to my stoma site and skin using the Vitamin E pouches, the question in my head was ‘is Vitamin E used in other products for skincare?’

After raiding my bathroom cabinet and checking my skin care range, I noticed that the majority of skincare products I use contain Vitamin E. I use the Simple range and have done so since Maisie was a baby, as my skin is rather sensitive and using products made with purely chemical-based materials sends me into hives and my skin turns into a mess. I also used the Simple range for Maisie, as her skin was extremely dry as a baby and I only wanted to use natural products.

I have started noticing Vitamin E everywhere. After much research and traipsing around shops, I decided to buy and test a couple of products to see if that would help heal the current dryness I have due to the summer months.

Is Vitamin E really the new fashion accessory for skin?

After doing a lot of online research and pretty much hitting every beauty shop I could think of within a 30-mile radius to where I live, I can confirm that this product is in a lot of places. There are online testimonials on Mums net, product reviews galore for The Body Shop range and Superdrug isn’t far behind in the amount of reviews for consumers saying that the product has helped so much and endorsing it for others to try. If you search YouTube, there are reviews for The Body Shop range. To me, it seems like the new fashion accessory and it’s also relatively cheap. I would love to try the Jo Malone range, but the bank says no. I have settled on continuing to use my Simple range and a few products I have purchased from Superdrug to do a test run to see if will help the leper feet.

Shops that currently have a Vitamin E range

  1. Super drug has launched a new range of products
  2. The Body shop have just recently launched a new range of product
  3. Sainsbury’s Supermarket
  4. Jo Malone London
  5. Holland & Barrett
  6. Boots

What have I tested?

I have psoriasis on the palms of my hands and frustratingly, the creams prescribed via my Dermatologist were not working and my hands were a cracked and blistered mess and even gripping a hair brush made them bleed painfully.

For the last 2 weeks, I have been testing out the Palmer’s Raw Shea Hand cream with added vitamin E. I can say I am rather impressed the state of my hands prior to using the product was awful and now, apart from the odd dry patch where the skin is healing and growing back, my palms look relatively normal. It has helped to heal up the layers of dried cracked skin. I still have the blisters, but it is a damn site preferable than having what can only be described as leper hands.

I have issues with dry skin. It’s part of my Crohn’s and part of ostomy. I am not always well-behaved with my hydration and trying to stick to any skincare regime is a pain, as I forget and having to apply 3-4 different potions gets rather tedious. On the plus side, I am always in the shower so incorporating things to help my skin is easier. I use the Simple range, purely because they don’t test on the cute little bunnies and it keeps my skin hydrated. It’s only been recently noticed that all these products contain Vitamin E. I always moisturise after a shower and that is pretty much my skin care regime along with a once-a-week face mask to rejuvenate the face, as I am getting older and the wrinkles (laughter lines) as I like to call them are becoming more prominent.

Finally, my feet are the worst part on my body. No amount of deep foot moisturiser, buffing & sanding can get rid of the skin that’s on my feet. It is so dry and having to hoover up after me walking around bare foot is disgusting. I hate my feet with a passion and not being able to wear pretty heeled sandals makes me rather weepy (serious shoe obsession). My partner is currently trying to persuade me that a one in/one out policy needs to be adopted, I’m not having any of that. I will be doing an update in the next few weeks on my feet, how I have found the products and if they help the tootsie’s.

Products I’m using:

  1. 360 Spray-on all over body lotion
  2. Sugar and oil body scrub
  3. Body butter

All of these are from Superdrug and are relatively cheap. They are also on a ‘buy one get the other half price’ at the moment.

What sort of skincare range do you use? Do you use Vitamin E or is it something you would like to try? Would love to hear about what you use and if you have had good results with this range.

Many thanks for reading,

Louise X

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