World Ostomy Day

Today is world ostomy today and I thought it only fitting that I write a post celebrating and highlighting all types of ostomy. So, I am on final countdown with Bertha my current stoma.

My surgery is in 13 days and my loop ileostomy is being made into an end ileostomy, so I am currently taking new name suggestions for the new stoma as she is being changed. My daughter is suggesting Princess Glitter Sparkles but that’s a slight mouthful so in needs to be slightly shorter.

Why name your stoma?

There is evidence showing that naming your stoma will help you to accept the new addition and make it more a part of yourself whether it be a temporary or permanent stoma.

Did you know there are 5 types of external stoma?

  • Colostomy- this is coming from the large bowel (colon)
  • Urostomy- this is coming from the kidneys and drains urine
  • Ileostomy- this is coming from the ileum (small bowel)

Other types of stoma rarely mentioned

  • Jejunostomy- is the surgical creation of an opening (stoma) through the skin at the front of the abdomen and the wall of the jejunum (part of the small intestine). It can be performed either endoscopically, or with formal surgery.
  • Caecostomy- can be used effectively to allow colonic irrigation in an unprepared, obstructed colon prior to resection of the obstructing lesion and primary anastomosis

What is World Ostomy day?

World ostomy day is celebrated every 3 years and is an inspirational day to help those with stomas to raise and highlight awareness and to help to strip the taboo associated with having a stoma. This year’s theme is “Speaking Out Changes Lives”.

It’s about the community joining together and celebrating ostomy life and proving that they don’t hold you back and that for some of us they have improved quality of life, saved lives and for some of us they have given us back the freedom of being symptom free.

You can follow everything that’s happening today on social media by using #WorldOstomyDay and #SpeakingOutChangesLives

The inspirational pep talk

So here goes, the inspirational quotes. Having a stoma should never define you. I myself am lucky that my stoma landed me into the line of blogging and helping people in their journeys and receiving the same help back.

We are all entitled to low moments. Stoma life isn’t always easy. But at the same time, we should celebrate our scars, they are tattoos with a deeper meaning. They prove we are still here and fighting the fight that our bodies have decided to give us. So, what if we go to the toilet via a different means.

We are all human and our flaws are to be celebrated. Being normal is boring! In life and history, it’s those who are brave enough to share their journeys and help erase the stigmas that may be attached to stoma life. A journey is what you make of it so the best advice I can give is to make it count. Educating one person could in turn spider web and help raise awareness to a further 100 people in the circle.

That’s it from me for the inspirational pep talk.

I am always available for a talk or a rant should you be struggling or just need some advice.

Thank you ever so much for reading

Over and out from the girl who’s just about to have stoma number 3

Louise X



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