5 Summer Stoma Fashion Tips

Hello my lovely Pelican readers!

If you are a follower of my Instagram and/or know me, you will know that I am really into my clothes & putting together outfits.

It’s been 10 years (August 9th) since my lifesaving stoma surgery & my love for what I wear & my body increases as time goes by. Having a stoma enables me to wear what I love & experiment with different styles. It doesn’t hold me back.

The two main types of clothes I avoid are low rise or mid rise garments & bodycon dresses. I find any trousers or skirts that aren’t high waisted not really suitable for my stoma, or they aren’t what I’m used to or comfortable with, anyway! I know many people who do wear them, depending on where their stoma is situated, but even before surgery, I loved my high waisted garments. I’ve never been a fan of bodycon dresses either. This isn’t really down to my stoma, it’s more personal preference. Again, I know people who do wear bodycon dresses with a stoma and many wear stoma support wear underneath and just empty their bags more often, for example, to enable them to feel more confident.

A selection of my recent outfits

A few of my favourite places to shop for clothes right now are:

  • H & M
  • Zara
  • Missguided
  • ASOS
  • George at Asda

Tip 1 – Smock dresses

Smock dresses are one of my favourite things about 2021 summer fashion. I’ve never really seen them before or owned one then this Summer I’ve seen them everywhere & I just find them so cute & comfy, especially with a pattern. They are so light & floaty & really easy to dress down with Converse or dress up with heels. They’re also ideal if you are having more of an “active” day on the ostomy output front! I absolutely adore the tiered smock dresses such as the one above from I Saw It First.

Tip 2 – Wrap skirts

I bought my first wrap skirt (pictured in the photo above) from H & M a few years back and it’s one of my go to skirts for warmer weather. I love how easy they are to take on and off and they just feel super feminine & floaty. I also love the shorter wrap skirts such as thing one from ASOS above. Perfect for days at the beach with a bikini underneath, drinks with the girls or even a holiday!

Tip 3 – Puff-sleeved dresses

Another cute find of Summer 2021 was this gorgeous dress from H & M. The colour & design stood out to me immediately & it was reasonably priced at £12.99 too. I love the fact that you’ve got the gathered, elasticated band above the waist. It really hugs the dress in & gives me that extra bit of confidence whilst being floaty enough to accommodate for my stoma bag.

Tip 4 – Classic top & jeans combo

You can’t go wrong with an effortless high-waisted jeans and top combo. I opted for a vest top with this super light top from New Look sale to go for cocktails one evening with the girls when it was just that little bit cooler. I also wear crop tops and high waisted jeans with my stoma support wear underneath for added confidence & security. The jeans are from Aura Clothing who are designed by a lady with a stoma herself.

Tip 5 – Crop vest & paper bag skirt

I love this cute little outfit combo and paper bag waisted garments are ideal if you need security and a confidence boost with a stoma! My blue paper bag skirt was from New Look before my holiday to Portugal a few years ago & it was just so versatile to pair with so many tops and shoes.

Remember, you own your stoma bag, it doesn’t own you. Enjoy trying ideas out with outfits & you will find a go-to style or two that work for you!

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