Amy’s Review: Vitamin E Adhesive Remover Spray

Amy’s Review: Vitamin E Adhesive Remover Spray

Last month I got in touch with Pelican Healthcare to ask them if I could sample their new Vitamin E Elements range. Within a few days I was sent a cute little box (purple too, woo!) full of Vitamin E goodies to try including adhesive remover spray and wipes and also some barrier wipes.

My peristomal skin (the skin around my stoma) in general has been great, but I do get reddening frequently from changing my bag twice daily and occasionally dry skin. I change my bag twice daily due to having to medically widen my own stoma twice a day, so it is important to me that there are products out there that help keep my skin in check and as clear as possible. I was keen to try the Vitamin E adhesive remover and being a big fan of purple the spray can automatically appealed to me and was something cute I could add to my ostomy supplies box.

So how did I get on? I used the adhesive remover spray (and also gave the wipes a go, although I favour the spray usually because I find it easier and quicker) twice daily for 2 weeks and there was a definite difference. The skin reddening seemed to be less intense using this spray, and my skin also felt super soft and nourished to touch as the days went on. The spray itself wasn’t messy, which was a bonus as I’ve sometimes had issues with spray coming out more like water when it’s got near to the end of the bottle with some adhesive removers. It didn’t have a scent to it, but this I didn’t mind as it’s better to have no scent than super overpowering! Also, if you don’t have a scented spray it means there are less ingredients that could affect your skin. You can find some photos below ranging from start to finish over the two weeks of my peristomal skin.

Would I use the products again? Yes! I would definitely continue using the spray as a staple everyday bag kit product!

– Amy

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