Meet Louise! She’s a blogger and ambassador for Pelican and has been for the last 3 years.

A little bit about Louise: she’s 35, mother of one, and has also been living on and off with a stoma for nearly 12 years, which she had placed back in 2016 and made permanent with the removal of her large bowel and rectum closed in 2018.

Louise’s stoma is named Bertha as she found naming her stoma made her more accepting of such a permanent change to both her life and body. They both get on well, have the occasional falling out but her life is so much better than life pre stoma.

Louise is a self declared book nerd, loves a murder series on tv and spends her free time hiking through fields with her pup Sammy.

A little insight behind her three surgeries: her first stoma was due to a bowel perforation during a C-section, her second and third was due to her perianal Crohn’s disease; all medicines stopped working and having a stoma was the only way forward in life for Louise. She has now been living with Crohn’s disease for nearly two decades.

Louise uses her accounts to raise awareness and prove that life and quality of life with a stoma has vastly improved. She likes to show that even though you have a stoma that you can still continue to live life to the fullest and have some great adventures along the way.

Feel free to drop Louise a note on social her accounts, featured on the previous page…

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