Breaking The Poo Taboo

Breaking The Poo Taboo

Happy belated World IBD day my gorgeous loves!

I know World IBD day was last week, but I wanted to still celebrate the day because it is so important, we continue to raise awareness.

Last year I did a video on the most embarrassing but funny IBD moments which you can watch below. This year I want to share with you the importance of being able to just laugh about those can’t make it moments. Every human poops, whether it be from their behind or from a bag. We as human beings must get rid of the waste; we produce so why is it such a taboo subject?

Why is poo taboo?

I remember back in school whenever the subject of pooing or farting happened all the girls would say that it was disgusting or that they don’t poo. This was only because they thought boys wouldn’t fancy them If they knew they did. Oh, how times change. The older you get; you get over that fear about what others may think because the truth of the matter is who cares.

I have had a few incidents where I have not been able to make it and I just laugh about it. One time, me and my boyfriend had just been out for a meal and not long after we got home that feeling of needing to poop started. I tried to make my way to the toilet, but it was too late, there on the stairs was me crouching down trying to hold it but having no luck. If this was me a little younger, I would have been mortified but I just laughed it off and told my boyfriend I had pooped myself.

I think with a chronic illness we must try and laugh at these things because it’s just a part of how we live, sometimes we make it to the loo sometimes we don’t. Another time, I was on the phone with a friend of mine and was trying to run down the stairs to the toilet and the best way I can describe it is like that scene in the film ‘Bridesmaid’s’ where she has her wedding dress fitting and has diarrhoea and tries to cross the road to a toilet and just gets lower and lower until she’s fully just squatting and it’s coming out. Yup that is how I describe it and to this day it’s one of my best poop stories.

The more vocal we are about the accidents we have the more it will help from newly diagnosed, or people still having a hard time accepting this happens to them. It helps them feel less alone and may even help push them to be more vocal about their experiences. It’s a domino effect, it can end up helping so many people. I also think the more we do talk about poo the more chance the stigma around it has of being broken.

If you are embarrassed about pooing, you can get some spray that helps the smell and boy is this little bottle a powerful thing. You can buy it here. You can also go get similar ones in places such as home bargains. This little thing is the perfect size for your handbag or pocket.

I would love to hear your funny IBD moments whatever they may be, my inbox on Instagram is always open and I look forward to hearing your stories. I have also done an interview with the BBC on how IBD should be made a top priority within the NHS. You can read the article here.

Until next month my gorgeous friends.


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