Platinum with Vitamin E

Nurse Name: Claire Murphy

Patient Care Setting: Community Patient

Patient Overview: The patient is a 71-year-old female. She has good mobility and has had a permanent colostomy for bowel cancer. She has had her stoma for 1 year. She also has very sensitive skin.

Problem: She has been discharged from hospital with a Coloplast Sensura Mio flat bag. After 4 months she had developed irritation on her skin from the flange. She was changed over on to a Pelican flat then on to a Pelican Convex Pouch. After 3 months the irritation returned once again. She has now been using the Pelican Convex bag with Vitamin E for 3 months.

Course of treatment: Changed the patient’s pouch from a Coloplast pouch to a Pelican pouch. The patient changed over to a Pelican Vitamin E bag in February 2017.

Interventions/complications? The patient had now been using the pouch with Vitamin E in for 3 months and there are no adverse reactions to report.

Outcome: Completely resolved at present. The patient reports of no irritation. Her skin is in very good condition. She also reports that the pouch is very comfortable which also increased her confidence.

Conclusions: Complete success. She is now using the Pelican Convex pouch with Vitamin E as her regular order.

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