Platinum with Vitamin E

Patient Name: Bryan Clarke

Nurse Name: Karen Hawke

Patient Care Setting: Nursing Home

Patient Overview: An 85-year-old man with terminal cancer. He was bed bound with a large abdominal wound and an Ileostomy who was also ten months post op.

Problem: The Peristomal skin was so sore, bleeding, very moist and painful. None of the stoma bags he had would stick resulting in constant leaks and increasing the soreness daily.

Course of treatment: I used the Vitamin E convex drainable bag and reviewed the patient weekly.

Interventions/complications? There were no complications at all.

Outcome: The patients skin was almost healed in a week. The leaks stopped immediately and the patient commented how quickly his skin had healed and how it all felt so comfortable now.

Conclusions: The treatment was a complete success and saved costs as the bag was only changed every three days instead of several times a day.

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