Platinum with Vitamin E

Patient Name: Carole Roberts

Nurse Name: Karen Hawke

Patient Care Setting: Patient’s Home

Patient Overview: A 55-year-old lady who has spina bifida and has had a urostomy since a child.

Problem: The Peristomal skin was so sore it was bleeding moist, very painful and her stoma bags would not stick resulting in constant leaks and increasing the soreness daily. She works and had some embarrassing situations at work.

Suspected Cause: The soreness was stopping the adhesion of the bag.

Course of treatment: I used the Vitamin E convex drainable urostomy bag and reviewed the patient after two weeks.

Interventions/complications? There were no complications at all.

Outcome: The patient’s skin was almost healed in a week. The leaks stopped immediately. The patient commented how quickly her skin had healed but she did not like the style of the urostomy bag, including shape, size and tap.

Conclusions: She is going to try other urostomy bags but if she gets sore again will revert to the Vitamin E bag until it has healed.

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