Platinum with Vitamin E

Patient Name: David Page

Nurse Name: Karen Hawke

Patient Care Setting: Nursing Home

Patient Overview: A gentleman of 76 who has always had a high output stoma following surgery 18 months ago.

Problem: Due to the high output, lots of leaks using the B.Braun bag, which have caused very sore excoriated skin.

Suspected Cause: The Braun bag was cut far too large and had a flat base.

Course of treatment: We tried Pelican Vitamin E convex drainable bag cut to 20mm and asked staff to leave bag on for three days if no leaks.

Interventions/complications? Output still watery so we used ostosorb to thicken contents of bag.

Outcome: Bags stayed on with no leaks for 3-4 days. The skin healed in 10 days and the Patients confidence returned and he felt comfortable.

Conclusions: Complete success and patient has stayed on the bag. Huge savings in cost as now only 2 or 3 bag changes a week

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