Platinum with Vitamin E

At 30 years old and with a baby on the way, Ellie was experiencing severe discomfort from her stoma, but after discovering Platinum with Vitamin E she was able to get on and enjoy life again.

As well as having some shrinkage to her stoma, Ellie also had a history of sensitive skin which meant that she was experiencing a lot of soreness, irritation and bleeding.

She found that she also had to change her pouch frequently which made the problem worse. Our Group nurses helped to find a solution for Ellie which would resolve the problems that she was experiencing and tried Platinum with Vitamin E.

Ellie immediately felt that the new pouches were more comfortable and the irritation she had experienced on her skin had disappeared.

Within a week her skin had healed and she commented that her pouch changes were much less frequent. A success all round due to Platinum with Vitamin E.

*Case study name changed to protect privacy

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