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Hi Pelican readers! It’s been a while since my last blog so I thought I would tell you all about my recent experience with a new barrier ring which I’ve been using for the last 6 weeks or so.

My thoughts


I wear a convex drainable pouch and I have always worn a barrier ring with this since my surgery. When I was told there was a new, thinner seal or barrier ring to try I was definitely up for the challenge as the one I was using was doing the job fine – so I thought how on earth can they better this? 

Wow – it is so thin! My first impression of Eakin Freeseal was definitely that it looked tiny and is in fact only 1.8mm thin. My initial thought process was that there was no way this would be able to do the same job, but I was so wrong – it turns out that it is just as absorbent, if not more so! The other fantastic thing with this seal being so thin is that it’s far more discreet and less noticeable under my clothing; giving me the freedom to wear whatever I want and feel confident.

I have to say the other great thing with the new Freeseal is how easy it is to mould in to shape. It’s flexible, stretches easily and fits to size so easily whilst retaining its stickiness to do its job SO well! Everyone’s stoma is a slightly different shape and it’s certainly not an one size fits all approach so having this flexibility is key and certainly makes you feel comfortable during a bag change. 

Give it a try, order a sample today and find freedom with Eakin Freeseal 💜

Charlotte @char.crohnsftwilson

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