Eakin Freeseal Review

So I have been using the Eakin Freeseal for about 4 months. Switching from one product to another can be daunting for any ostomate, I was slightly sceptical at first but after two uses I was converted. There are so many great things about the seal and I have been raving about it for a while over on Instagram.

Why the switch?

I had been looking to switch for a while but couldn’t find anything that worked with my peristomal skin, a fair few other barrier rings aggravated my site and wouldn’t work the way I wanted them too. The one I was using at the time was amazing, it extended my bag wear from 24 hrs to 3-4 days, however the residue it left behind drove me nuts and it was incredibly hard to remove whilst cleaning my stoma site.

I was sent the Eakin freeseal to garner my general consensus on what I thought and I made the switch then and there.

Why did I find it great?

I found it incredibly thin, the seal previously was a lot thicker and I could always feel it underneath my baseplate, with the new seal I can’t feel it at all. It’s only 1.8mm and it is so easy to use.

Easy bag changes, I wear my bag for up to 4 days at a time, removing the baseplate and the seal is so easy and there is next to no residue left over on my stoma site which makes cleaning and changing a breeze . For putting on the new one I can still rip and wrap which means I get as close a seal as possible around my stoma.


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It may be psychosomatic but I have also found that it doesn’t leave behind a pressure ring like my old ring did.

For me a barrier ring within my stoma life is a must, pairing this with my stoma bag gives me confidence to sleep well during the night, it gives me faith and trust in a system that is right for me and allows me to live my life without worrying about leaks thanks to this trusty little seal.

Why the Eakin Freeseal?

  • It is incredibly thin at 1.8mm, it allows for minimal impact on the fit of your baseplate, the thinness helps to keep your pouch discreet.
  • Absorbent- it might be thin but it highly absorbent which makes it highly effective at stopping leaks, it also helps to protect your skin.
  • Easy to remove, it holds the original form which means it can be removed in one piece allowing for easier bag changes.
  • Easy to use, it is mouldable and flexible which allows you to fit it securely to your stoma.
  • Freedom, it gives you the freedom from leaks and to be able to live every day with confidence.

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