Eakin Freeseal | Summer’s Review

When I first got my stoma nearly a year ago, I struggled to find the right products for me that didn’t irritate my skin. No matter what bags I tried the skin directly around my stoma was always really sore and I was changing my bag twice a day because I had output leaking onto my skin. So, my stoma nurse suggested a barrier ring. It helped a bit, but it was so thick it was hard to shape around my stoma and I could always feel it was there as any time I moved around it would pull at my skin.

Trialling Eakin Freeseal

A couple of months later I went for a meeting with my stoma nurse and when she changed my bag, she put on the eakin freeseal instead of my normal barrier rings. She said, “I’m going to try you with this new ring, I think you are going to love it!”. I found that I didn’t need to change my bag for two days as it wasn’t itchy, and I couldn’t even tell it was there! Then when I changed my bag, it was so easy to remove. I later signed up to get some free samples sent out to me and I have used them every day since!

How did I find it?

The first thing I noticed was how mouldable the barrier rings were and how easy it was to fit around my stoma. And with it being only 1.8mm thin it just sits so discretely under my bag I can’t feel it when I move about. Which is great for when I’m playing tennis or doing a workout, as it’s given me the freedom to be active again! I think the best thing about it is that it has healed the skin around my stoma so it’s free from redness, meaning it’s not sore at all now. When I was in hospital for my Barbie butt surgery, they changed my bag during the operation and didn’t put a barrier ring on and the skin directly around my stoma went back to being red and itchy. Now I’m three weeks post op and back to using the eakin freeseal my skin has healed again! I think it’s because it’s so absorbent it just absorbs any output on the surrounding skin.

Bag change using Freeseal

Order your free samples and I promise you won’t regret it! 🤍