Factory Tour at Pelican Healthcare

Last month me and my mini ostomate had the honour of having a private factory tour with Pelican and Respond Healthcare. Two kind souls who have always supported my work with raising awareness for ostomates, since my little man inherited Hirschsprungs Disease from myself, went out of their way to organise a morning for a 6 year old who has been struggling with acceptance of their stoma. We were welcomed as usually by the warm smiles of the team, and familiar faces were have gotten to know well over the last few years. Jake was spoilt rotten and tested out one of the office chairs for size. He was over the moon with his new Pokemon cards and was telling everyone what he would do the next time he was visiting before the morning had really begun!

After a catch up and giving the team some Welsh Cakes from his Popa’s bakery in Cardiff Central Market named ‘The Bread Stall’, we were ready to go on the tour. Jake was presented with his very own lab coat with his own name badge which was unbelievably sweet, he really looked the part. I don’t know what I imagined before going, but I what shocked me the most was the amount of people working in the factory. It’s easy to assume these days that most things are done with machinery, and while there was a lot of this, there was an equal measure of people. The factory workers welcomed us and took the time to talk to Jake, ask him questions and introduce themselves. A very kind sole even gave Jake his torch!

21,000 new stomas are formed every year. You can only begin to imagine the amount of bags that need to be produced every month! The team were extremely hands on in the manufacturing process from packing boxes of stoma bags and operating the machinery to cut the holes and pouches out. Jake was mesmerised by the ‘lightening bolts’ that sealed and cut material. It looked like something out of the Avengers as we imagined Thor producing the same lightning bolts when he’s with his superhero friends!

The factory supervisor  gave a very detailed insight into the manufacturing process but in a way that Jake could understand. He encouraged Jake to get involved and a kind female member of staff helped him to produce his own bag. Being the inquisitive being he is, Jake asked a lot of questions which staff kindly answered. The atmosphere in the factory was filled with pride, compassion and kindness.


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I want to extend a special thank you from the bottom of my heart to Claire and Owen. You have given a little boy perspective and life experience to appreciate what he has, and learn how special and unique it is. Your kindness knows no bounds, and your fellow staff members are so warm, it feels like a great big hug every time we see you all. Yes its corny, and yes it may seem over the top, but Pelican and Respond truly feel like a second home. Without them me and Jake wouldn’t be where we are today, and I thank the gods everyday we have the access and means to be able to live our lives to the fullest with the security that both companies bring. Thank you to all involved for an unforgettable experience. I will treasure the memories with my boy forever and never let him forget as he grows up who supported his ostomy journey.

Until next time, Rach x


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