What if you need to use night drainage bags or leg bags?

Hints and tips

  • Always wash your hands before connecting your leg bag or night drainage bag to your urostomy pouch.
  • When you connect your urostomy pouch to your night drainage system leave some urine in the pouch. When you connect up, this urine flows into the night drainage bag and helps to prevent airlocks and vacuum.
  • Use an anti kinking drainage tube to prevent twisting of the urostomy pouch, tubing and night drainage bag.
  • If you need longer night drainage tube speak to your stoma care nurse who will show you how to join two pieces of night drainage tube together.
  • Fasten your night drainage bag to a night drainage stand to help to prevent leakage or spillage on to the carpet.
  • If you reuse your night drainage bag, empty it via the drainage tap at the bottom then rinse it through with water and hang to dry. Always drain urine from your night bag before disposal.
  • When travelling long distances you may find it convenient to attach a leg bag to your urostomy pouch for added capacity and security.

Speak to your stoma care nurse who will be pleased to advise you regarding any of the above matters.

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