Feeling Body Confident in a Swimsuit

Feeling Body Confident in a Swimsuit

Happy June my beautiful Pelican friends,

I have one thing to say…EVERYBODY IS A SWIMSUIT BODY! Yes, that’s right, everybody, not just the women you see in swimwear adverts, you do too. This is an important topic for me to touch on because the UK has had some great weather during lock-down and with more heatwaves on the horizon, it’s nice to sunbathe in the garden, with a cool drink, music on dressed in a swimsuit or bikini, pretending you’re abroad. Of course, before I go on I must stress the importance of sun cream ladies and gentlemen.

So, as I scroll through social media I see a lot of ‘influencers’ popping up showing their tiny Victoria’s Secret bodies in their swimwear in different poses. Poses which may I add, are carefully planned to make their body appear a certain shape or way for the camera. This, however, will make women who are already body insecure feel even more insecure and feeling they cannot wear a swimsuit because their body is not like the girl they’ve seen on social media. I am here to tell you that comparing yourself to others is going to stop today.

3 steps to help you stop comparing yourself:

1: A lot of these ‘Influencers’ pose in certain angles and ways in order to make their bodies look a certain shape, their tummy flatter and their booty bigger. They then perhaps use an app on their phone and take away any cellulite or body flaws (all normal by the way) they may have before they are ready to post.  This is promoting themselves in a false way,  and therefore aiding to planting insecurities into women who may look up to them.

But a lot of these influencers are also so self-obsessed with taking the perfect photo to post so that they don’t get trolled by silly keyboard warriors. So, doesn’t that show you that they too have insecurities, going through the hassle of changing their body appearance just to please others. It really is an unhealthy cycle to be in and a hard one to get out of, the only way out of these sorts of situations is a whole dose of ‘Self Love & Body Acceptance’.

2: It doesn’t matter if you are a petite, curvy, have scars, stomas, one leg or two, YOU are entitled to wear a beautiful swimsuit/bikini and rock it. It does not matter what you see on social media, YOUR body is beautiful and perfect the way it is. Why should you not be able to wear a bikini just because you have a scar or stoma? If people look so what, let them look because you are staying true to yourself and being accepting of your body- you know and without these ‘battle scars/stomas’ you may not be here today to have the opportunity to wear such things, they tell your story.  Honestly, once you stop caring what others think you will feel so much freer and you will love it.

3: You are pretty. Like you, not like her. We are all unique wouldn’t the world be such a boring place if we were the same. Do not think just because you’ve seen that bikini set you’ve always wanted advertised on a petite model that means it’s only suitable for women. No! There is no reason why you cannot buy that bikini and look just as hot as she did.

So, for me, speaking to a few beautiful women on social media and hearing how they also felt too insecure to wear any sort of swimwear in this hot weather I decided to work on a huge project to prove you can do that.  This project features 38 beautiful queens of all shapes, ages,  sizes, stomas, scars even pregnancy. Every single one of these ladies is beautiful and so unique in their own way and I LOVE IT!  This is the new future.

They have all sent me some videos of them posing in swimwear, a friend of mine is singing a cover song to complement it. The video comes out in July and I cannot wait for you to see it.  All these women who took part in this project did it for their own reasons, some did it to help push themselves in regard to their confidence and have said it really has helped them.

This video shows ANYBODY can rock a bikini or swimsuit and look incredible. I want to show real women with no photo editing and no camera cheating pose. I hope it helps other ladies who are still too scared to show their bodies to see they can too. We are all beautiful just the way we are and there is NO category for who Is and isn’t allowed to wear a swimsuit.

I want to touch on some brands who are very big on female positivity and empowerment;

Stay Wild Swim

I did a photoshoot for them and I am in love with how not only they are big on body positivity their swimwear is created using re-generated ocean plastic through the most sustainable practices possible; these are made into clean-cut styles which are designed to flatter every woman. Have a look at their website and my interview with them.


I also love Aerie because they are also very big on body positivity and have women of all shapes and sizes modelling for them, again REAL women.  Visit their website here.

I like to only support brands now who acknowledge that in order to sell a product they need to start using real women as their models.  Not conforming to what has been happening for years of using women of a certain size, body shape or a body without flaws, in case it damages the brand or business. It is 2020 the year of ‘Be Kind’ the brand will be more appealing and more successful to real women who purchase their products.

I hope this blog can help you start to feel confident about your body and you realise how beautiful you are by being you. Remember, start the journey, never compare yourself to somebody on Instagram – my motto  ‘Everybody is Beautiful.

I cannot wait for you all to see my ‘Everybody is a Swimsuit Body’ video out next month. If this blog has helped you, I would love it if you can upload a picture of YOU to your Instagram in YOUR swimwear. Tag me so I can share this positive message to help other beautiful women out there.

Lots of Love


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