Going on holiday with a stoma

Going on holiday with a stoma

Stoma life and going abroad on holiday written from a sunbed in Rhodes…

It’s coming up to that time of year where your summer holiday might be coming up, and if it’s your first time travelling abroad with a stoma, I am hoping this blog might help.

I first went on holiday in August 2023 which was five months after surgery, and I was anxious about everything to say the least. I have just got home from my second holiday abroad with my stoma and I have learnt different tips from both trips. So here they are…

I made sure that I packed double the stoma supplies I would normally use at home, along with the flange extenders for extra security. I was travelling with my family so we spread everything across the hold luggage and my hand luggage so if one case went missing, I was still covered.

The plane journey – so my biggest tip is to empty when you can… not when you need to, especially on longer flights. I also used Respond drops in my bag to mask any odours and took a little jug so I could fill it with water and rinse away any evidence (airplane toilets are rubbish).

Food and drink – all I can say is stick to what you know. It’s always better to safe than sorry, and stay super hydrated. I took small bottles of squash so I could use that in the bottled waters, and stay away from the tap water!

At the airport, you can wear a sunflower lanyard which indicates you may need extra support through the check in/out and security process. These are becoming more recognised in more countries which is great news. Most airlines will allow you extra luggage for medical supplies if you call in advance too.

My final tip, is to enjoy and embrace. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life is for living, especially with a stoma.