Inside Out by Amber | All You Need to Know About the Podcast

Inside Out by Amber | All You Need to Know About the Podcast

Hello all! I hope you’re doing okay and holding on in there! In this post I’m going to chat a little about my new podcast, it’s called, Inside Out by Amber and it aims to discuss topics to do with life when something like a stoma or chronic illness is thrown into the mix in aim of bringing often undiscussed topics to light and helping others feel less alone.

My degree

Why Product Design? My interest in and passion for this subject matter grew having had my stoma surgery… I soon recognised the positive impacts of purposeful and well-designed products now having to wear one stuck to my stomach each day (as well as the impacts of not so successfully designed products) so wanted to help do my part in hopefully helping make people’s lives that little bit easier). My lecturers have always been extremely supportive of what I do with regards to the ostomy community both within and, outside of the university setting enabling me to channel & combine my design skills with my health and personal experiences as an opportunity for focusing my work in an area that I’m passionate about creating purposeful change within. With this in mind, the concept of Inside Out began emerging.

The need for new design

In the world of Product Design, before creating something for the sake of it, it’s important to identify a need for a new design. As a young person growing up with IBD and a stoma, I recognised, lived and experienced first hand the lacking of information and coverage of certain topic areas often to do with normal daily living and general underrepresentation of people like myself which left me feeling even more isolated, confused and embarrassed. Often, if I did happen to have the opportunity to ask someone, I’d feel too ashamed. I soon recognised that this was a familiar feeling and problem to many ostomates as well as wider invisible disability and illness. From the offset, I made sure to consistently gain feedback from ostomates themselves to gain a better understanding for what might be the best solution to the problem and fit the needs of other ostomates experiencing a similar problem.

I’ve always been a fan of podcasts and toyed with the idea of creating one so this, paired with the feedback from ostomates themselves made for a perfect opportunity to begin designing one.

With further research, I began recognising the need for something new and decided that if I were to meet the needs of what I’d set out to and genuinely help others, then this was something I needed to go all-in with and create for real. So, Inside Out by Amber was born for real – I have created everything myself developed from my initial ideas and the feedback of other ostomates, from the artwork you see to all of the work behind the scenes in getting those conversations to your ears. It has required a lot of learning, work and persistence but I feel (and hope you agree) that it has been totally worth it!

Finding topics & guests

Through my own experiences and, speaking to other ostomates, I was able to identify a host of topic areas that others feel need more coverage or specific questions answered within. I then started mapping these with possible guest speakers. Before I knew it, my mind map was never-ending! There are endless topic areas to cover with a vast range of incredible people to chat to about them which is such an exciting prospect.

The aim of the podcast

The aim of the podcast in moving forward is simply to help and reach as many people as possible through sharing these conversations whether that be one or, one hundred. I’m really enjoying creating them and so long as people are enjoying listening to them and that they’re helping in some way, I will continue creating them.

So far on the podcast;

Of course, with lockdown came a new way of recording but, I definitely didn’t want this to get in the way of creating the podcast and if anything, lockdown confirmed those feelings of isolation and the unknown that many of the community are all too familiar with. So far, I have published a range of episodes including speaking to my partner Dan about sex & relationships, discussing fitness with Zoe Wright, careers and living with a stoma as a male with Keith Thomas as well as putting some of your questions to Ruth Jones, a stoma care nurse.

I am extremely passionate about covering all bases and creating something for everyone with this podcast and as I mentioned previously, simply reaching and helping as many people as possible.

So, I’m always open to feedback and looking for new guest and topic suggestions so please do drop me an email at [email protected]  I’d love to hear from you!

Amber x

Ps be sure to check out the podcast and follow it on socials to keep up to date and get involved!

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