Learning to love my body after surgery

Learning to love my body after surgery

My body doesn’t look like a normal woman’s body in my eyes. I have stretch marks all over by tummy, pregnancy and yo-yo weight gain and weight loss thanks to Crohn’s disease, endometriosis and now a rather large inclusion cyst has wreaked its havoc and to me at this moment in time, my body is not my friend. I don’t feel intune with myself at all.

Learning to love myself

Pre-cyst I was happy and confident with where my weight was, I was so happy and comfortable with myself.

At this moment in time I’m not loving myself, I am spending a large amount of time in bed , on a lot of medication and currently going through chemical menopause.

I’m currently implementing self care twice a week where I pamper myself and have a bath, exfoliate, skin care regime and down time with essential oils. My husband has also been helping by using a massage gun on my back and shoulders after a hot bath.

Body confidence is such a fickle , we all have those small imperfections. Mine is a mass of stretch marks and some rather epic scarring.

My end thoughts

For me my ostomy doesn’t bother me, it’s the stretch marks and lack of stomach muscles. I have mesh holding in my innards so regardless of how fit and healthy I am, my stomach is still slightly rounded and rather solid thanks to scar tissue.

Body image is unique to each of us. We all have our own neurosis. There is no right or wrong way with stoma life.

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