Post-pregnancy update with a stoma

Post-pregnancy update

Adjusting to life with a newborn is an adventure in itself, filled with sleepless nights, endless nappy changes, and the incredible joy of watching your baby grow each day. Amidst all these new experiences, my stoma has continued to be a part of my life, reminding me daily of the importance of adaptation.

One of the significant changes I’ve noticed since giving birth is the difficulty in getting my stoma bag to stick properly. It seems my skin has become more sensitive and loose, and the usual bags I used pre-pregnancy just weren’t cutting it anymore. This challenge made managing my stoma a bit more stressful than usual, especially when balancing the needs of a newborn.

Thankfully, the Pelican ModaVi bags have truly been a game-changer. The adhesion is fantastic, even on my more sensitive post-pregnancy skin. These bags provide a secure fit, which has been a massive relief. I no longer worry about leaks or discomfort, allowing me to focus more on my baby and less on my stoma.

The Pelican ModaVi bags are not only reliable but also comfortable, which is crucial when you’re constantly on the move and attending to a newborn. They’ve given me back a sense of normalcy and confidence in managing my stoma.

Every day is a learning experience, and while having a stoma presents unique challenges, it’s just another part of my life that I’ve learned to navigate.

Until next time,

Ange (@thebaglife_) x