eakin® Cohesive Seal

Say ‘Goodbye’ to leaks and ‘Hello’ to healthy skin around your stoma

Eakin Cohesive® is soft and mouldable, and fits snuggly around the base of your stoma to provide a leak proof seal.

Output from your stoma can irritate the surrounding skin, causing it to become red and sore. Eakin Cohesive® helps prevent effluent from coming into contact with the skin, hence minimising any potential skin problems. With the absence of irritants on the skin, skin problems can be minimised.

  • Provides protection by preventing any harmful irritants from coming into contact with the skin
  • Completely mouldable to ensure a perfect fit everytime
  • Alcohol free, will not sting
  • Longer weartime and increased security
  • Made from few ingredients, therefore extremely skin friendly
  • Suitable for use on damaged skin
  • Will not lose adhesive qualities through handling

Which Cohesive seal is right for me?

  • Cohesive SLIMS® – Comfort and security for all types, shapes and sizes of stoma
  • Small Cohesive® Seal – The same shape and size as the SLIMS, but extra thick. Ideal for extra skin protection, problem skin, or people with significant leakage problems
  • Large Cohesive® Seal – Cover a larger area of skin around the stoma, providing protection over a wider area. Ideal for urostomists, or people who have sensitive skin and find other products cause irritations

How does Cohesive compare to other seals available?

Moisture is one of the major contributing factors of skin irritation, and Eakin Cohesive® Seals have been scientifically proven to be the most moisture absorbing stoma seal available*.

*”Effect of a long life ostomy seal on faecal enzyme activity” by Dr Grace McGroggan, TG Eakin Ltd and Dr Lorraine Martin, Queens University, Belfast

Click here to download a copy of the technical datasheet for Eakin Cohesive®.

For more information on Eakin Cohesive® Seals visit: http://www.eakincohesiveseals.com/

A complimentary sample of this product is available.


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