eakin Cohesive® SLIMS

Eakin Cohesive® Slims – Your Everyday Seal

eakin Cohesive® seals are the market leading ostomy seal with millions sold worldwide. They are the most absorbent seal on the market¹ and designed to protect your skin. The seals are recommended by nurses globally and used by many ostomates but what makes eakin Cohesive® seals so special?

Why do I need a seal and what does it do?

A seal is a simple solution to common problems ostomates face by preventing leaks. Using a seal can have a very positive impact on your stoma care.

If you have an issue due to any of the following an eakin Cohesive® seal can be the answer:

  • Difficulty in securing a tight fit between your pouch and stoma
  • Loose output
  • Uneven skin due to skin folds, crevices or scare tissue around your stoma

Simply a seal acts as an extra protective barrier between the skin directly around your stoma (peristomal skin) and the pouch. It absorbs moisture and prevents leaks from happening.

Your stoma can also change shape over time? A seal gives you peace of mind and confidence you’ll always be protected.

Absorbency matters most for healthy peristomal skin

Our eakin Cohesive® seals are designed to prevent and protect against leaks better than any other seal by absorbing more.

In fact, eakin Cohesive® seals absorb up to 4x more than competitor seals. They are the most absorbent seal on the market which makes them very effective in looking after your skin against harmful digestive enzymes.

To show you this in action, we completed laboratory tests that prove that eakin Cohesive® seals absorb up to 4x more than competitor seals over a period of 3 days.

Watch the video now to see the seals in action.

Transform to perform from absorbent seal to protective gel

As eakin Cohesive® seals protect your skin from leakage by absorbing moisture they transform into a gel. They must Transform to Perform.

This protective gel is essential in safeguarding your skin against damage. The gel creates a barrier between output and skin so even in gel form it will continue to protect skin. Any gel remaining on the skin after removal will simply continue to act as a barrier.

Watch the video to see how eakin Cohesive® seals transforms from absorbent seal to protective gel.

1. McGroggan G, Haughey S and McDowell K (2018) An absorbent, enzyme-inhibiting seal reduces peristomal skin complications. Gastrointestinal Nursing 16:1 42-44

Which Cohesive seal is right for me?

  • Cohesive SLIMS® – Comfort and security for all types, shapes and sizes of stoma
  • Small Cohesive® Seal – The same shape and size as the SLIMS, but extra thick. Ideal for extra skin protection, problem skin, or people with significant leakage problems
  • Large Cohesive® Seal – Cover a larger area of skin around the stoma, providing protection over a wider area. Ideal for urostomists, or people who have sensitive skin and find other products cause irritations

Click here to download a copy of the technical datasheet for Eakin Cohesive®.

For more information on eakin® Cohesive® Seals visit: http://www.eakincohesiveseals.com/

A complimentary sample of this product is available.


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